Monday, November 17, 2008


voteTaking naked polaroids of my wife doesn't seem taboo any more. Shooting the act of sex can is a great way to get past inhibition too. Here's some ways to get your lady to enjoy the experience.
Asking the woman you're sleeping with to pose for sexy wife polaroids or a video is a matter of trust. "The lady has to trust that the you won't exploit her photos on the Internet or go around showing them to all your friends,". Let her keep the polaroids of her. Ease her into it. And the rest will be pretty easy and you could and up with some great hot polaroids of your wife.

1. You should give all copies to your lady to ease her worries. Most women are not exhibitionists. "This will be a personal and emotional stretch for her, so go slow,". If you see photos that turn you on, show them to her and ask her, ' If she would you ever consider modelling like that?'" Start out by taking pictures of the parts of her body she likes. 2. Think of wardrobe Just don't insist on full nudity right away. Some of the most hottest photos are shots in which you're not showing everything. Put her in a mans button-down shirt, ask her to drape a sexy robe or put on a knee-length slip. This allows her to choose what she's going to reveal and when she's going to reveal it.

3. Plan a test shoot Test polaroids of your wife are easily attained-and deleted- with a digital camera. Or plug the video camera into the TV but don't insert a tape yet. Once she sees herself on-screen, she might get over the fears.

4. Know the fantasy Staging a video will be definitely much less intimidating if you make it seem like a movie with characters. Encourage her to live out her fantasies on camera. If she's always wanted to wear a French maid costume, this is the right time-try it now.

5. Be sure that there will be a sequel Be ready that the fantasy you had in mind might not turn out as heavenly as you imagined. Whatever the result, play up the positive side. Find something that you admire and let her know. She'll be much more willing to try it again-for you.

I think you will have a lot of fun like I do taking polaroids of my wife naked. Take your time and have fun and you should end up with a great night of sex.

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